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TV Host Reel (updated December 2014) – Includes highlights of Michelle Marie’s work featuring The Associated Press (AP Live), ESPN, Billboard, E! News Now, Yahoo!, ABC, VEVO, etc.

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About Michelle

Michelle Marie is a television personality and broadcast journalist best known for entertainment news, sports, and music programming. From hosting studio shows before a live audience, to anchoring official, live pre-shows for major awards shows, to feature interviews with A-list talent – you name it, she does it. Michelle’s versatility and wealth of experience in multiple formats has led her to on-air talent roles for some of the most prominent television and digital platforms in the world, including ESPN, E!, ABC, Associated Press, Yahoo!, Billboard and Rolling Stone.

Michelle is also a force behind the scenes as an executive producer and branded content creator. As the founder of Michelle Marie Productions (MMP), Michelle and her team develop and produce multi-media video content for a variety of corporate and entertainment clients.

Latest News

The #mmlifesteez Blog

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TV Host Reel (updated December 2014) – Includes highlights of Michelle Marie’s work featuring

Sports Host Reel

Host Reels

Michelle Marie’s Sports Host Reel – updated May 2014. Includes highlights of her work

A few of many clips of Michelle Marie hosting E! News Now 2011-2014.

The Moments

Michelle has interviewed countless icons in music, entertainment and sports. Here are some of her favorite moments through the years.